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Wist is aware that today's workers get things done in a number of different ways and places. About one-third of people rely on a dedicated workstation throughout the day, while another third has adopted a more nomadic work style that leads them wherever they can conveniently and quickly connect to technology and people. To support this new way of work, the workplace needs to be inherently adaptable.  Picking the right office furniture can be a time consuming and difficult task which is made easy by Wist. Contact our Office Furniture Consultant and they will assess your workspace needs and ensure all the furniture you order is the perfect fit.


*Select a chair or sit-stand desk solution to try out at your office for three days.   Click on the links below to view all the items available for demo.  *Contact our Demo Consultant to set up delivery arrangements.

Chair Demo's Available 

Desktop Sit/Stand Demo's Available

*Only available in selected delivery zip codes.